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Project Gutenberg

The Gutenberg Project aims to make materials from the public domain available for free to as many people as possible, including a large collection of ebooks in a wide variety of formats.  The drawback is that they tend to be older titles, since books placed on the site must be part of the public domain.

Google eBooks

Google has a mix of free and for-sale ebooks. The strong points of Google's ebooks are that they have free titles that Gutenberg may not have and they have a whole lot of them.

Internet Archives "Text" Section

This resource contains a relatively rare option which allows users to search children's eBooks specifically, or free eBooks for all ages.

What makes ManyBooks different is that the site also provides book reviews, recommendations, and even a “help” section along with their 28,000 eBook titles.

The organization is similar to many websites, especially those with eBooks. they have a couple of odd subjects in the sidebar on the left-hand side unique to, first “Fan Fiction” second, “Short Stories.”